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Our Brands

We're here to create innovative products that make an impact. Our R&D pipeline is active, always focused on developing technologies that push health and wellness forward. Learn more about our current and ongoing developments below.

Our Products: Portfolio
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Hydrens uses the best from our proprietary water-cellulose technology to bring relief for everyday consumers via transdermal infusion. 

We're launching a next-generation method of bringing peak performance and wellness to everyday consumers through the power of biotech.


Moskinto is an innovative brand that provides research-backed solutions for both repelling mosquitoes and instantly treating any existing itchy bites. We exist to make the outdoors more comfortable for everyone.

From our moisturizing 14 hour Picaridin-based repellent, to our effective, long-lasting, and chemical-free Itch-Relief Patch, Moskinto provides the relief you need.

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Velež uses proprietary transdermal hydration methods to provide the skin with healing utilizing cooling pure water made from our 100% natural ingredients.

Our delivery system can be used for:
- Skin rashes
- Medical cosmetics
- Laser medicine
- Aesthetic dermatology

Application methods:

  • Facial mask

  • Eye mask


Made from a friendly biomaterial obtained from vegetable raw materials. With a 100% natural and renewable biopolymer, our product has unique material properties due to its nanostructured fiber. network. our product provides a moisturizing, cooling and soothing effect on the skin. The surface is extremely soft and smooth.

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Pushing your body to its limits can have its challenges. That's why Kintex was developed to bring restorative healing. Our kinesiology tape is engineered to sink deeper into the skin with the silica gel pearl-shaped designs found in the IQ tape. With designs favoring sensitive skin, precut applications, and peak results, we have you covered in every angle.

  • Multiple colors and designs  available depending on needs

  • Instructional videos provide how-to guides for direction

  • Quality finishes ensure a great application everytime


EpiCite-hydro is an innovative biomaterial made of biotechnologically generated cellulose made from sugar. With water content of at least 95% water, it provides skin with water and supports long-term dermal hydration. Due to its unique properties, epicitehydro is a wound dressing, which has the following advantages:

  • Provides a healing-promoting moist environment of hydro balance and water vapor permeability;

  • Permeable for air and liquids;

  • Achieves a cooling effect due to evaporation;

  • Capability to absorb wound exudates;

  • Easy to handle, non-adhesive, tear resistant, shapeable and flexible size, soft, semitransparent;

  • In a hydrated stage, the soft surface of epicite prevents a sticking to the wound and supports removal;

  • Provides protection against invasion of pathogens;

  • epicite can be soaked and equillibrated with antiseptic solutions.

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